Baby’s First Birthday Photo Session-Olympia, Lacey, JBLM, WA

Your baby is turning one!!  Can you believe it??!!  The first year of your baby’s life went by so fast, it seems like just yesterday you were bringing her home for the very first time and now it is time for presents, balloons, and CAKE!  Cake smash sessions are so much fun!  Every baby has a different reaction to the cake, sometimes they poke it with one little finger, sometimes they smash both hands into it and sometimes they use no hands at all and just want to bite it!   Some babies are thrilled about the cake and others need a bit of coaxing to show them how yummy it is.  Each cake smash is totally different and it is a joy to be able to capture the funny expressions and the icing smashed between fingers, toes and sometimes stuck in their hair!

We are often asked, “What do I bring to my baby’s First Birthday Session?”

Here is a quick Cake Smash Supply List of what to bring:

  • Small Cake (6 inch round cake) or Large Cupcake (white or yellow cake and any color icing-except for red, brown or green)
  • Cake can have red, brown or green accents in the icing but please do not have the whole cake be those colors
  • One or two outfits that your baby will wear in pictures before the Cake Smash
  • One outfit for the Cake Smash itself (one that it is okay to get icing on)
  • An outfit to wear home
  • An extra shirt (and maybe pants) for yourself.  Holding a baby that is covered in icing can be a messy job!

We supply the following items for a Cake Smash session:

  • A variety of cake stands to choose from
  • Birthday banners
  • Balloons
  • A warm bath for your baby after we are all done
  • We clean up all the cake!



This birthday girl is pretty in pink!

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