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When this sweet baby’s mama called to book her newborn session she was a little worried that her baby was too old for newborn pictures and that she had missed the recommended window of time for a newborn session (when baby is between 5 and 12 days old) because her baby was about to be 4 weeks old, but I reassured her that if we could get her in soon she could still get those adorably squishy newborn pictures but we had to get her in soon!  So I took a look at my schedule and luckily I found a spot and was able to get her a session in just a few days. Before her session, we chatted about the possibilities and the realities of a session with an “older baby” and that she just might have more pictures of her baby awake than asleep because the older a baby gets, the more they want to stay awake. Also, an older baby might not want to do those curled up new baby poses because by four weeks they have realized that they don’t have to be curled up anymore lol! Well, her baby girl decided to be just a perfect baby for her session and I was able to get pictures of her awake and asleep, swaddled and curled up!! She did everything that a days old newborn will do.

This session was just magical really…I loved the soft colors that the mama chose. The whites, the pale pinks and when I asked her what her favorite color was she replied “coral” and I had the perfect fabric in a beautiful shade of coral that I bundled her baby in. She said that coral was a color in their wedding and she was over the moon to use it in her baby’s session.  Mama also wanted pictures of her two gorgeous daughters together. Big sister is two and a half and just loves, loves, loves her baby sister. She was so excited to hold the handle to the little wagon with her sleeping sister nestled inside!

If you are interested in a newborn photography session please contact us today! It is best to book your session early so that we can make sure that the time around your due date is still available but if your baby is due any day or if your baby is already here don’t hesitate to call! If we can squeeze you in we will! 360.438.0432





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