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Newborn photography sessions are each as unique and special as the family that comes into the studio. No two sessions are ever the same. Even after 17 years of working with newborns, each session is very different from any of my other newborn sessions. Your newborn session will be all about this new and wonderful little person that is now holding your heart. Not only is capturing how tiny and squishy and wrinkly and beautiful and perfect your baby is, but it is also a wonderful time to capture the love and the bond that you have with your new little bub. When you are holding your baby you can see just how tiny he really is and they will only be this tiny for like 5 minutes! They just grow way too fast! We have a variety of poses that we can do with you and your baby, if I can’t convince you to step in front of my camera for one or two pictures then we can use just your hands or just daddy’s hands or both of your hands and you can hold your baby’s feet or his hands or both! {I will try to talk you into just a few shots though and please don’t be self-conscious…you just had a baby and I am very sensitive of that and I will listen to your worries and address and erase :) each and every one of them!}

This sweet new family of 3 came in and we wanted to do this pose of momma kissing the baby’s noggin and daddy kissing baby’s little bitty toes. I just couldn’t wait because I knew this pose would be fun and just super cute! I love the little giggle that momma is having because baby kept kicking his daddy right in the mouth! Those little feet just didn’t want to stay still! It’s moments like these that are so sweet and special and in just a couple of weeks, this little guy will be too big to do a pose like this.

Our newborn sessions for Fall/Winter are filling up super fast. If your baby is due in the next 3 or 4 months, now is the time to reserve your newborn session. Call us 360.438.0432 to reserve your session and check out our availability calendar to see how many spots we have left open for the month you are due. Space is limited!


Pictures with mom and dad are so important!

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