Baby Photographer Olympia – Items You Need For A Fun (and Messy) First Birthday Baby Photography Session


A child’s first birthday needs to be memorialized with a great first birthday party shoot! My particular services include a funny “cake smashing” session, where your child will get the chance to have some messy fun!


The idea of a first birthday party shoot is to capture your child having a lot of fun engaging with – and destroying – a birthday cake. You don’t have to invest in a huge cake: a six-inch white or yellow cake should be more than enough. However, jumbo cupcakes also work well. The icing colors that photograph well are yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, or orange. There have been many ombre cakes coming in lately and they have been quite lovely!


You need two to three outfits for your little one and some extra clothing for yourself. Here’s why. The first outfit or two are for your baby and will be worn for the traditional “non-cake” shot while the second outfit is for the second part of the session and that outfit is one they can mess up when they destroy the cake! The extra clothes for you are necessary for when you pick up the happy and messy birthday baby when they are done with the cake smash and may very well be covered with icing from head to toe! I do provide all the clean up after the cake has been smashed. I clean up the photo area and there is a nice warm bathing station where we can attempt to get all the icing off of baby! Plastic bags are provided for the cake covered clothes to go home in as well.

How The Cake Smash Goes Down

After the serious photo shoot, you will change your baby into their smashing clothes and let them loose (which will use balloons, banners, and a cake stand that I provide). While they smash it and have a great time, I’ll be capturing tons of shots capturing them in candid and hilarious ways!

As you can see, this kind of photo shoot is a lot of fun for both parents and children (and me!). So if you are interested in capturing some hilarious photos that are a hoot to share with family and friends and the best way to celebrate your little one’s birthday, please contact us today to set up an appointment.first-birthday-cake-smash-photography-session-by-fairies-and-frogs-photography

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