Baby Photographer-Lacey, Olympia, JBLM WA

It’s Christmas in August at Fairies & Frogs Photography!! We just can’t wait to deliver these orders to our wonderful clients!!  Here are two orders ready to go! The first order (on the left of the big picture in the collage) is a 16×20 storyboard on artisan burlap framed in pine and a set of 6 wooden nursery blocks and a 24×36 stand-out wood print.  The second order (on the right) are two 24×36 stand-out wood frames and a set of 6 nursery blocks.  When the order arrived to our studio, we were SO excited…we just couldn’t wait to open it and see all the goodies and take pictures of them before we drive them to our client’s homes!  We recently added the stand-out wood prints and the wooden nursery blocks to our wonderful line of products and they shot right up to the top of our clients “gotta have it” list!  The prints on wood are just magical.  The wood grain is just barely visible through the print and gives the image just another layer of depth that will make everyone stop and gaze upon it when you hang one on your wall.  The 24×36 size is a great size for hanging over your couch, baby’s crib or your bed.   The blocks are so adorable and fun!  They are solid wood and you can have a picture on two sides or pictures on one side and your baby’s name or initials on the other side.  The blocks can also have adorable color themes like “pretty in pink” and “brownie bear” that will be adorable and add that perfect pop of color wherever you decide to put them!

In addition to our wood prints and artisan burlap prints you can also have your portraits printed on archival grade photograph paper and our popular gallery wrapped canvas!   Whichever one you choose for your portrait, you will have everyone oooohing and ahhhhhing when they see it displayed in your home :)



These beautiful portraits are ready for delivery!

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