Baby Grace’s Sitter Session

Come say hi to sweet baby Grace! Grace is officially 6 months old and she celebrated a fun milestone with me, she is officially a sitter! That’s right, little baby Grace is sitting up all by herself and she is ready to take the world by storm!

Have you ever heard of a sitter session? In children’s photography, a sitter session is the celebration of a child who can confidently sit upright, on their own, without being supported. I typically refer to them as milestone sessions, but across the photography industry, you’ll also find them referred to as sitter sessions. Usually, when babies are ready for a sitter session, they aren’t standing yet, and they definitely haven’t even begun to think about walking. But, they have gained new independence with their ability to sit. I think that is worthy of a celebration, don’t you?!

This sweet little girl honored me with her big beautiful smile. She was more than happy to show off her tiny little baby teeth for me, even if it was just only a small glimpse. Every time I said cheese and Grace put on her biggest smile, I snapped away furiously to capture every moment!

Sitter Session Photography

This little doll had a fun imagination pose worked into her sitter session! Because how you can celebrate becoming a sitter if you can’t dress up like a fairy?! In my studio, I have a pair of tot-sized fairy wings, flowers for baby’s hair, and a cute little outfit to create this imaginary pose. With Grace sitting up proudly, I photographed her in an enhanced forest. Sitting among the moss and the mushrooms, little fairy Grace watched tenderly as the butterflies floated past her. With a bit of sparkle dust around her, Grace is one little fairy that leaves a trail of glitter everywhere she goes!

Another fun setup that I put together for Grace a bee-utiful setting of sunflowers and accompanying bumble bees! Grace had a bright yellow outfit ready to go, and an adorably vibrant yellow hair bow to match. And because we are celebrating Grace officially becoming a sitter, I had the perfect prop for her. A tiny wooden nest bowl. It was so fun to celebrate this special milestone with baby Grace. Scroll through the photos below to see her as an adorable fairy along with the additional setups we worked on for her shoot!

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