Adorable Potato Sack Pose with a Newborn Baby Boy – Olympia Tacoma Newborn Photographer



I have many parents request the “baby sitting up all by themselves” pose also known as the “potato sack pose” because the baby looks so cute and round like a little adorable sack of potatoes sitting upright! It is a very cute pose and shows off your baby’s chubby little cheeks perfectly! So usually after the mama or daddy requests this pose the next question is “how do you get the baby to do that?” Well, the baby does not really do that, the potato sack pose is a composite image.  A composite images is when I take multiple images and combine them to create one final image. Doing a composite image is the safest way to do this pose because baby is safe and secure. There are three steps to a successful potato sack pose: have someone grab the wrap the baby is swaddled in from behind and hold baby upright then I take the picture and then the baby holder will move to the other side and grab the wrap again and I will take a second picture. The final step is when I do my magic in Photoshop and blend the two images together seamlessly so it looks likes your baby is sleeping in a little swaddled blanket. This is such a fun pose!

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