3 Reasons You’ll Want a Niche Photographer For Your Maternity and Baby Pictures – Seattle Newborn Baby Photographer

rustic-barn-swing-newborn-session-in-olympiaThere are many great photographers out there. So you might not have thought about choosing a niche photographer for your maternity or baby photos. At Fairies and Frogs Photography, that is exactly what we specialize in. We are confident we can make your pictures even more special because our niche is maternity, newborn, and baby photography. Here are a few reasons why using a niche photographer can be the best way to capture these special moments.

1.) We have perfected photography in our niche.

Think about it this way. You probably know some really good cooks. Anything they make tastes great. But imagine if someone spent years just testing out pizza recipes, with the goal of making perfect pizza. They experimented with every pizza dough and tomato sauce recipe they ever came across, and use the best quality cheeses they’ve found. Chances are if you compare their pizza to someone else’s- who is a good cook but makes all kinds of things- the pizza specialist’s will by far prevail in taste.

Just like that cook focused on succeeding with a fantastic pizza, we are determined to take the best possible maternity and baby pictures, and to overcome any challenges that come with the territory. We have spent years (almost 18 years!) gaining invaluable experience specific just to these circumstances.

2.) We are prepared.

For your maternity photos, we can professionally do your hair and make up. We have gorgeous gowns available. (Check out our gallery; you’ll love them!) For your babies, we have all kinds of adorable props- and we know how to use them safely.

But we are also mentally prepared. We are patient and will take all the time we need to calm your baby, and capture the perfect photos. Not every photographer has a lot of experience in this area, but this is what we do. You need not have any anxiety about bringing your little one to us. We’ve got this. It’s all good. All you moms with newborns can totally relax. Chances are anything you are anxious about, we’ve already dealt with many, many times.

3.) Your pictures will look beautiful and professional.

Someone else might make your pictures look good, but we aren’t satisfied unless they look amazing. We are willing to work with you so they turn out just how you want them, if not better. And we have all the tools we need to do it.

Those are just 3 reasons you should pick a niche photographer for these important moments in your life. Every pregnancy is special and unique, as is every child. Our goal is to reflect that in our work. Please contact us so we can capture your memories in a way you will enjoy looking at for years to come.


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