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Let’s face it: if our parents had to wait for us to perfectly behave before taking pictures of us, there would be little photographic evidence in the world that we ever even were children. But uncooperative children have never stopped parents yet, (or photographers), even when it comes to those tricky “in-between” ages. At three-months old, your baby definitely deserves great photographs, but also requires some special understanding and expertise. Here’s what you can expect from your three-month photo session.

Three month olds aren’t quite able to move about on their own, but hate lying still, are very wobbly and easily frustrated. Odds are you’re all-too-familiar with that fact already, but for a photography session it means we just have to work with it! There’s no reason to keep the baby in one pose for very long and we can do poses either on the tummy or the back or while “sitting.” The sitting is done in a special baby pod designed for three-month-olds, since actual sitting isn’t a specialty at this age. Of course, simply having the parents hold the baby makes for some great shots, too!

Another thing to keep in mind is how your baby might end up looking in the photos, (apart from adorable, of course). They spend such a large amount of their concentration on just keeping their head up, that you tend to get a lot of serious-looking faces at these sessions. But serious faces are beautiful, too! Babies get a wonderful wide-eyed look when they’re serious that you just don’t see anywhere else.

On a practical note, what you’re going to want to bring is some tight-fitting clothing that’s not going to bunch up under and around the ears and chin. Cute hats and hoodies are a must! (OK, cute hats and hoodies are just so adorable, that it’s hard to resist saying that. But really…bring some!) These sessions typically include two or three outfit changes and last about an hour, so there are lots of opportunities for super-cute baby pics.


It’s going to be fun! Better still, you won’t have to have a parental nervous breakdown or resolve to wait until college graduation for a decent photograph of your child. So, to set up your expert session, or for any questions, please feel free to contact us today!

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